Milan - Large Hooks Waist Trainer - Jet black - M

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Very easy to put it on and take it off thanks to its extra large hooks. This waist cincher corset offers the strongest body support and also fits really well under any dress.

Color: Jet black

Milan - Jet black - M

Size: M

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Milan is the most hard-wearing corset we have ever made. This waist cincher provides the strongest waist support.
Large hooks are easier to fasten, so the corset is easier and faster to put it on and take it off. Hooks sit in 100% latex so as to last for a long time and to stay in good condition even though it is used a lot.
Milan is a comfortable wear, even for the entire day. Lining is made of a hypoallergenic cotton for the most sensitive skin. It can be worn either over a dress or hidden under a garment, because it won't crinkle at all, but ensures optimal fit on the waist.
It has immediate slimming effect, reduces visible inches in the waist line. Seven steel bonings make strong back support. Thanks to the large steel hook and eye closure - that is adjustable in three sizes - this waist trainer provides you wider scale of fastenings. So, in one corset you get an extra half size more!
Our Milan large hooks waist trainer comes in a silk bag including a free Legal Beauty measuring tape.
We highly recommend to wear either high waist briefs or a lightweight cotton tank top under a waist trainer after a C-section or a freshly executed abdominal surgery. If in doubt, please consult with your doctor, or other qualified health care professional. Do not use any waist trainer or corset during pregnancy!

MaterialNatural latex
Other3 lined buckles, Flexible spiral steel boning, Lingerie
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