California - Shape forming vest with waistband - Jet black - M

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We’ve added little bit to our absolute favorite Los Angeles product for those who wanted a strapped product but still wanted the extra waistband.

Color: Jet black

California - Jet black - M

Size: M

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Our California shaping corset is lined with hypoallergenic cotton and has a 100% latex center layer.

Highly recommended for low back and back pain and spinal disorders. It reduces the load on the spine and helps you develop the right posture.

The California corset is ideal for even postpartum toning, the best way to achieve an hourglass shape.

The slimming effect is noticeable after the first use. 7 steel stiffeners ensure strong support. Can be narrowed to three sizes with steel clips.

We based one of our most popular Los Angeles toning corsets in California and turbocharged it with an extra waist and shoulder strap for an even more effective effect. Thanks to this aesthetic waistband, this corset can even be worn outside of clothing.

California vest straps are extremely elegant and easy to adjust. These straps ensure, on the one hand, that the corset does not slip off, and, on the other hand, it benevolently hides the extra cents that unfavorably emerge from the armpits in the case of other corsets in the presence of a greater excess weight.

We’re packing our California waistband shaping corset with a Legal Beauty tape measure. Supplied in a unique gift box.

Cesarean delivery, resp. after fresh abdominal surgery, buy a panty or a thin cotton top under the corset, or ask your doctor for advice. Do not use corsets at all during pregnancy!

MaterialNatural latex, Cotton, Spandex
OtherFlexible spiral steel boning, Lingerie
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